I am an Adobe Animate CC (Formerly Adobe Flash) AS3.0 ( Actionscript ) & HTML 5.0 developer with over 10 years of professional experience.
During this time, I have served entrepreneurs, start-ups, and companies and have developed hundreds of successful Flash, AIR and HTML 5.0 based applications successfully.
I am subscribed to Adobe Creative Suite, which allows me to work on the most updated version of the software and ensure that your projects will be flawless.
I pride myself as a passionate and ambitious programmer providing freelancing and contract based services on both desktop and mobile platforms in AS3.0( Actionscript ), CreateJS and OpenFl.
I also have extensive experience using Photoshop and Illustrator and have a good eye for graphic design too.
Programming to me, is much more than a job. It is my passion, and I am 100% committed to my clients.
My biggest strengths are being able to work autonomously, and the attention to detail which I pay to all my project work.

Primary Skills
Flash, AS 3.0, AIR, Create JS, Open FL, Zim JS, HTML 5.0

Secondary Skills
Photoshop, Illustrator, PHP, CSS, XML
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